As the Vice President of Kashmir Premier League, I seek support from the nation to make it one of the most memorable cricketing leagues of all time. I will extend my wholehearted support for the triumph of the league. Kashmir Premier League is going to become a great asset for the country.
I’m sure that it will be a great success and will help in prospering the region of AJ&K. It will also display a soft image of Kashmir to the outside and intends to leave a lasting legacy for the sport, community, health, and fitness of Pakistan. So, all hail to KPL.
Kashmir is close to my heart and i visited Kashmir and was mesmerized by the beauty of the area which was justified in being called as ‘paradise on earth, But I believe the real beauty of Kashmir lies in the valiant spirit of courageous Kashmiris. Pakistan as a nation has always supported the Kashmir cause. I am very delighted upon the launch of this cricket league especially dedicated to Kashmir.
I appreciate the Kashmir Premier League initiative and am deeply honored to represent it on a global scale by being its brand ambassador. I have played for many leagues throughout my cricketing career, but I would love to play for KPL to return the love I get from the people of Kashmir. Therefore, I support KPL with all my heart and am really honoured to be its Brand Ambassador.
Two and a half years ago, we were doing a paragliding event in Muzaffarabad. With the sky filled with paragliders, looking across the stadium, I dreamed of a Cricket league solely based on the beautiful land of Kashmir. We discussed this event with the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir which he acknowledged and supported us throughout the journey. During this expedition, KPL had to face lots of barriers and strains but with the support of our team and the government, the dream seen then is about to come true. Kashmir Premier League is not just about the sport or the contest, it’s a subject that proliferates national and regional harmony through the game of Cricket. This league will be suited with elite umpires’ panel , international standards broadcasting facility, CSR projects, and renowned brand ambassadors which will ensure a healthy and vocal cricketing activity. We are also thankful to the overseas Pakistanis for their support and endorsement regarding the league and look forward towards a successful event, carving history by setting new trends in the region. Please support and follow the slogan #KheloAazadiSe as it’s a token of support and ownership for the people of Kashmir and the game of Cricket.
Kashmir Premier League is designed to contribute to the magnificent land of Kashmir and its people by projecting the message of peace and harmony to the world. We are hopeful that KPL will provide the young Cricket talent of Azad Jammu & Kashmir with a quality platform through which they will be able to exhibit their skills worldwide.
The League is all set to become an international phenomenon, furnished with international standard broadcasting and having a pool of renowned national heroes of Pakistan from Sports, Media, and other genres onboard. We are looking forward to an event that will have a long-lasting impact on the region in terms of the sports while spurring a soft image of Kashmir globally.