I hereby confirm that I am available to play in the upcoming Kashmir Premier league 2021 Season-1, scheduled to be conducted in Muzaffarabad, AJ&K. The league will start on 16th May, 2021 and will be concluded on 27th May, 2021 with a grand finale. I hereby express my interest in participating in KPL20 league Season 1 as per the following terms and conditions:

  1. It is understood that this expression of interest is final and binding.
  2. Kashmir Premier League is an official Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) licensed and sanctioned league. Player’s draft is expected to be conducted during the month of March, 2021.
  3. The financial guarantee of paying for the players and Officials shall rest with the Kashmir Premier League Pvt. Ltd. All revenue from franchises shall be collected in advance and deposited into an account controlled jointly by the Kashmir Premier League Pvt. Ltd.
  4. It will be an 11-day tournament starting from 16th May, 2021 to 27th May 2021. The scheduled dates could be subject to change depending on the International cricket calendar. ln the event of a change of dates, a reconfirmation of availability shall be taken from the players. All other terms and conditions shall remain the same.
  5. Each Player shall be required to obtain an NOC from the PCB to play in the KPL20 league.
  6. If any player suffers injury or on duty call becomes non-available to play in the league then his Player fees will be settled on a pro-rata basis. ln case of an insurance claim, once approved by the insurance, the proceeds will be credited.
  7. Each match shall be for duration of 20 overs per side and shall last for approx. 3 hours.
  8. There shall be a maximum of 6 teams for the first edition of the tournament. Each team shall play a minimum of 5 matches in a league format with 4 teams out of six playing the Knockouts and two teams playing the FINALS.
  9. All Travel arrangements shall be made available for players to arrive well in advance as mutually agreed with team management. Players shall arrive no later than noon on the day prior to the League start or earlier as per agreement with the team management.
  10. Players shall agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Franchise agreement with regards to commercial exploitation. The right to have the players of the Franchise’s Squad appear in a maximum of two (2) promotional activities in respect of the Team during a Tournament. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the relevant player(s), the appearance of players may not be used in a manner which may reasonably be considered to constitute a personal endorsement by the player(s) of any brand, product or service (for the avoidance of doubt, the Franchises will have to enter into separate agreements with their players for such endorsements);
  11. The right to use the names, images, and other personal attributes of the players in the Franchise’s Squad exclusively for the promotion of the Kashmir Premier League Pvt. Ltd. or any sponsor. Provided that, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the relevant player(s), the same may not be used in a manner, which may reasonably be considered to constitute a personal endorsement by the player(s) of any brand, product or service.


  1. Players shall be available including but not limited to after parties and/or any other social engagement that might be planned during the duration of player’s stay in Muzaffarabad (all such events will have a member of the KPL present and approved by ICC)
  2. Selection of the player shall be by the DRAFT system and The Fixed remuneration shall be as per the schedule of fees for season 1 (2021 season).


  1. KPL shall be responsible for making payment to the players as per their final selection. The Payment terms shall be as follows:
  2. 25% – within 7 to 10 days of completion of Draft process and signing of a formal Player agreement between Franchisee, League and Player.
  3. 35% – within 5 days from the start of the tournament.
  4. Final 40% within ten (10) working days of completion of the tournament.


Players are required to promote the KPL20 on signing of the Draft Agreement as per the following deliverables.

  1. Two Tweets a month from March, April and three tweets in May (Tweet content may be written by our professional copywriter).
  2. Retweet two tweets of KPL20 Officials related to Kashmir Premier League from March to May (Coordinated by KPL Social Media team).
  3. Post ONE picture and ONE video bites PER MONTH on each of their social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. to support KPL20.
  4. Tag KPL official page hashtag “#KheloAazadiSe” one or two pictures / video bites a month on each of their social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. to support KPL.
  5. AV and Photo shoot for one day to promote KPL Team and /or KPL sponsors during the course of the Tournament.
  6. Two Appearances during the course of the tournaments for promotional events.
  7. Attend minimum 4 after parties during the tournament duration. (With the approval of KPL)

I hereby confirm and agree to the above-listed terms and conditions.