Kashmir Premier League management met the ownership of Al-Hayat on Tuesday, in which they had a fruitful discussion on the matter of Kashmir Premier League feeder league and signed an agreement to work in harmony for the betterment of Kashmiri youngsters. The agreement was signed between CEO Kashmir Premier League Ch. Shahzad Akhtar and owner of Al-Hayat Group Mr. Jahanzeb Alam. The Sponsorship agreement was signed for the Kashmir Premier League Feeder league which will commence from 10th June till 18th June in Muzaffarabad and Mirpur. The trials of the league will be conducted in four stadiums of Azad Jammu & Kashmir including Mirpur, Bagh, Kotli and Muzaffarabad. Trials in Muzaffarabad Stadium will take place on 4th June, whereas Bagh trials will be conducted on 5th June. Similarly, Trials on 6th June will take place in Mirpur and Trials in Kotli will be conducted on 7th June. “We are grateful that KPL management gave Al-Hayat Group the opportunity for the second time in a row and we are jubilated that the trust which built in the second season of KPL has transcended into the third season as well” said the Al-Hayat Group owner. He further added, “Many players from Kashmir Premier League have made their mark on other leagues. Feeder league will work as a stepping stone to elevate the Kashmiri diaspora players and local talent into the Kashmir Premier League. This is a pipeline which will have long term benefits for Kashmiri players in the future”. Management from both parties vowed to work at the grass roots level so that the Kashmiri players can hone their skills and develop themselves through the feeder league competition which will be a catalyst to revolutionize the Kashmir Premier League.