The Kashmir Premier League with Valley Lodges as its partner will provide the hospitality to the league in Muzaffarabad and set the tone for the KPL’s brand value. Valley Lodges is a leader in its category and holds the sentiments of the locals of Muzaffarabad. The Brand’s Partnership with KPL will be a depiction of its hospitality and extension of its commitment.
Valley Lodges from time to time comes ahead with a hospitable campaign, while incorporating the essence of their best traits, which is catering, food and hospitality. They are the trendsetters in their business and the most reliable catering service in Pakistan, ahead of many in Muzaffarabad.
Kashmir Premier League’s purpose which embeds with the betterment of Kashmiri locals and showcases the importance of making Muzaffarabad Stadium an important cricket venue and that cannot be done without the partnership of valley lodges. KPL’s purpose as a franchise syncs with the brand ideology of Valley Lodges, like a “hand in a glove”.
The Passion and enthusiasm which resonates through the Kashmir Premier League is also in harmony with the brand identity and values of Valley Lodges.