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United Kingdom / 17th March 2022

United Kingdom / 17th March 2022

Pakistani High Commissioner to UK H.E. Moazzam Ahmed Khan hosted a roadshow at Pakistan High Commission London in recognition of the successful execution of KPL season 1 and the launch of KPL Season 2 followed by a roadshow at Pakistan Consulate Birmingham hosted by the Consul General of Pakistan to UK Sardar Adnan Rashid and Vice Consul of Pakistan Ms. Bakhtawar Mir.  Mr. Arif Malik (President of KPL), Ch. Shahzad Akhtar (CEO of KPL), and Shahid Afridi (Brand Ambassador of KPL) graced the events accompanied by the prominent overseas business community and political individuals of Pakistan and Kashmiri Diaspora.

H.E. Moazzam Ahmed Khan in London commended the efforts of KPL management in the first season of the Kashmir Premier League and wowed to support KPL in its ambitions and executions. He further added that KPL is a platform that not only promotes the talent of Kashmir but also proved to be a supporting pillar in elevating the lives of Kashmiris through tourism and economic growth.

Sardar Adnan Rashid in Birmingham said that he is very much contented on meeting with Kashmir Premier League Management and it is a positive move. He mentioned that KPL is not only promoting the talent of Kashmir but is also accentuating how peaceful Kashmir and the people of Kashmir are. He further added that KPL will not only provide a chance to Kashmiri talent around the globe but will also highlight the Kashmir issue across the globe.

Ms. Bakhtawar Mir in Birmingham praised the management for their resolve in executing the KPL. She said that KPL is promoting and supporting the game of cricket which is the true passion of our people. It is highlighting the culture of the Kashmir region and is promoting investment and tourism in the region which is a great achievement of the Kashmir Premier League.

Shahid Afridi who was present at the Pakistan High Commission roadshow praised the management for their determination against all odds. He said that the success of KPL Season 1 sent the message of peace and harmony across the globe which was very much needed. Furthermore, KPL Season 2 will be a much bigger and more efficacious event for the Kashmiri community across the globe and we are also planning to bring finals to the UK for Kashmiri Diaspora.

Mr. Arif Malik shared the success story of KPL despite all the propaganda and threats from the Indian Lobby. He exemplified some of the Kashmiri player’s performance in KPL season 1 and declared that now the number of franchises has increased to 8 which will give chance to more young Kashmiri talent. He also stated that KPL is starting a player development program in collaboration with UK county cricket to train and enhance the skills of young Kashmiri cricketers. He declared that Season 2 of KPL will prove to be a more entertaining and treasured league for Kashmiri Diaspora. He added that the display of finals in the UK under the flags of Kashmir and Pakistan together will showcase that the people of Kashmir and Pakistan are one nation.

Ch. Shahzad Akhtar on this occasion said that KPL is not an overnight achievement, instead, it is the result of the continuous effort of the last 4 years with toilsome decisions taken to bring this dream to reality. He added that Kashmiri Diaspora is still attached to its roots no matter where it is and is passionate to go beyond expectations for the love of their region and its brand like KPL.  He also mentioned that the finals of KPL Season 2 in the UK are not just mere entertainment, but we want to involve and augment further Kashmiri Diaspora to make this league a global victor.

The participants of the event much appreciated the initiative of the Kashmir Premier League and said that it will boost the sports, economy, social harmony, cultural depiction, and tourism of glorious Kashmir. Overseas Kashmiris said that KPL will give a global message of peace and harmony. They said that KPL will not only boost our determination but our youth will also stay connected with the roots and culture of Kashmir. They said it will enhance the talent of Kashmiri youth and will take them globally with a positive and prosperous impact on their lives.